Large Flat Rate Seafood Boxes (FREE SHIPPING for Select States)

Shipping perishable products is difficult due to the logistics of shipping companies. That being said, we want to help everyone we can within reason. These flat rate Seafood boxes are designed for 1 and 2 day ground range only. The states eligible for these boxes include: N.C, VA., S.C., CT., N.J., DE., MD., PA., W.V., KY., TN., FLA., GA., AL., MS., LA., AR., OH., IN., Washington D.C. FREE SHIPPING

If you do not live in one of these states (of the 48 contiguous states) but would still like one of these packages, an extra fee of $28.00 will be added during checkout.

The Mongers Pick Spice Sampler Box will only have an additional fee of $5.75 for shipping if you are outside of the select states.

No additional costs for the gear box or gift cards.

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