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Create your own Seafood Gumbo (FREE SHIPPING for select states)

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Need a quick and easy dinner idea? Let us send you this customizable gumbo dinner package to make your life a little easier. This box includes (2) 32 oz. jars of "We Island Gumbo". Just pick what kind(s) of seafood and sausage you want to create a delicious seafood gumbo dinner for your liking. To prepare this meal, add the gumbo to a pot and bring to a slow boil while partially cooking your seafood. DO NOT OVERCOOK, as the cooking process will continue once added to the gumbo. Add seafood and cut up sausage or boudin and continue to slow boil until seafood is fully cooked. This hearty meal can feed 5-6 people easily so call your friends! 

If you are outside of the select states, refer to shipping information for additional fees.

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