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Atlantic Yellowfin Tuna Stock-Up Box (Free Shipping for Select States)

Regular price $89.95

Looking to stock up your freezer with fresh, wild caught, sashimi grade tuna? We got you covered. This favorite among seafood enthusiasts can be delivered to your door at a great price. There are many ways to enjoy this high demand fish whether you want to make sushi, create your own poke bowls, make a batch of fresh homemade tuna salad, sear it in a pan, or throw it on the grill. If you are a tuna lover like us, we promise this will satisfy your craving. BUY IN BULK AND SAVE MORE!!

All filets will be individually vac sealed thus making them freezer ready upon arrival.  

********************TUNA SHIPS FRESH, NEVER FROZEN***********************

Free shipping for select states. If you live outside of the select states, refer to shipping info for additional fees.

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